What To Do In Parry Sound Ontario

Distance from our hotel is noted below.

Name Distance
Strand Theatre 6.2m / 10.0km N
Central Helicopters 6.2m / 10.0km S
Georgian Bay 1.9m / 3.0km W
Foley Beach 2.5m / 4.0km N
Fitness Trail 6.2m / 10.0km N
Seguin Golf Valley 0.3m / 0.5km S
OFSC Snowmobile Trail 0.0m / 0.0km N
Killbear Park 24.9m / 40.0km N
Annual Bike Rally 2.5m / 4.0km S
Oastler Park 2.5m / 4.0km N
Waubano Beach 7.5m / 12.0km N
Wal-Mart 5.0m / 8.0km N
Parry Sound Tower Hill 6.2m / 10.0km N
Curling Club 5.6m / 9.0km N
Georgian Airways 6.2m / 10.0km N
Seguin Nature Trail 0.0m / 0.0km N
Golf and Country Club 9.3m / 15.0km N
ATV Trail 0.0m / 0.0km N
30,000 Island Cruise 6.2m / 10.0km N
Chippewa Boat 6.2m / 10.0km N
Parry Sound Museum 6.2m / 10.0km N
Bobby Orr Sports Arena 6.2m / 10.0km N
Charles W Stockey Center 6.2m / 10.0km N
Festival of the Sound 6.2m / 10.0km N


Name Distance
Local Train Service 7.5m / 12.0km N
Train Station 7.5m / 12.0km N
Local Taxi Service 6.2m / 10.0km N
Greyhound Bus Station 5.6m / 9.0km N
Local Bus System 5.6m / 9.0km N



Name Distance
The Jolly Roger Restaurant *onsite* Serves: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner CALL FOR HOURS
Pizza Hut Serves: Lunch | Dinner      Hours: 11:00AM to 21:00PM




Name Distance
Toronto-Pearson Intl Airport 124.3m / 200.0km S
Sudbury Munic. Arpt. 105.6m / 170.0km N
Parry Sound Arpt. 5.0m / 8.0km S